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German Club

----The German Club meeting in room 210 will be this Thursday, 4/7 at 7:00 am in Room 210. Attendance is taken.----
----No German Club meeting this week. The next meeting will be March 9th. Talk with Nathan about getting the shirt you ordered ASAP or it will be sold to others. Thanks.----

----German Club will meet Wednesday, 2/16 in room 210 after school.----

----Please be sure to turn your money in for the shirts as they have arrived. Talk with Nathan A. in German!----

----In room 210 on Tuesdays will be Spanish Club; Wednesdays will be German Club;and Thursdays will be Chinese Club. All meetings start right after school.----
----German Club members need to bring $15 for your t-shirt by Dec. 17th. An accurate count is needed for the order. Please turn in your money to Mrs. Elliott or to the following German Club members: Bonnie Cobb, Courtney Watson, or Nathan Algarra.----
----French Club is inviting members of the German and Spanish clubs to join them for an after school Holiday Party on December 17th. Sign up to bring a French, Spanish, or German treat outside room 209.----
----There will be a German Club meeting on Wednesday, December 1st, immediately after school.-